Homemade bread in five minutes?

February 21, 2010

We may remember 2010 as the year of bread.

We recently learned how to make homemade bread with a stand mixer we got for Christmas. Ever since, we have been making two loaves a week! Homemade bread is economical as is, but there are ways of making it cheaper without sacrificing nutrition and quality. The best thing we did was buy our yeast in bulk. We also shopped around to find the lowest price on unbleached bread flour and whole wheat. We usually cut our bread with oatmeal and use less whole wheat than we would prefer. Some other time I would love to share with you more of our favorite bread recipes and tips but today I’m excited about something new. Have you ever heard of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day? It was the “five minutes” that got me curious, but what I really love is their carefree attitude about a mix you stir up and store in the fridge, cook as needed, and absolutely don’t knead. I found a few recipes for their master mix and watched a great tutorial from the authors. I’ve never been able to follow a recipe to its entirety, but I tried not to deviate too much for my practice batch. I made a few adjustments to save money and use what we had, but this recipe is more about the method. Here’s our first modified version of the master mix:

4 1/2 c. whole wheat flour unsifted
3 c. unbleached bread flour unsifted
2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tbsp granulated yeast
2 tbsp sugar
Mix Dry Ingredients and Add:
2 c. warm milk (100°F)
2 c. warm water (100°F)
1/4 c. honey
Mix but do not knead. Let sit, loosely covered for 2 hours. Then refrigerate overnight, covered but not sealed.

Note: Error on the side of caution with liquid. If it is too hot, it can kill the yeast. If it is too cold, it will only take longer to rise. The optimal temperature for yeast is 90-100°F, which feels lukewarm to the touch.

The bowl you see in the picture there, turned out to be a bit small. The authors of the recipe even use a small bucket! They claim this mix will make about 4 loaves.

I’m really curious about this method of bread making because so far it’s been very easy. I know people who don’t think they could make bread because they don’t have a mixer or a bread machine. I can’t wait to tell them about this, if it works! I  recommend watching the tutorial for an example of how easy bread making can be.  The video also showcases their new and improved recipe!

In the morning I will break off a hunk and bake as per their directions (minus the awesome baking stone). So far I’m really excited about how easy the process has been. We shall see!


One Response to “Homemade bread in five minutes?”

  1. Cliona Says:

    This bread looks amazing! And the little loaf only took 20 minutes, I’ve always had the idea that baking bread took lots of hours and lots of effort, but I will really try this recipe. The tortillas are another one I’ll definitely be making because I love them and the flattening looks fun. I love your blog and I can’t believe you got it up and running so fast. It’s fantastic. Thanks for letting me know about this :)

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