Learning how to make corn tortillas

February 26, 2010

I was once told that everyone should have atleast one emergency meal for tough times that they could eat again and again. For us that would be Bean Quesadillas. Basically they are just refried beans, cheese, and fajita seasoning cooked inside two tortillas, and served with salsa. If we have leftover rice or stir-fry, we throw that in too. Sometimes we vary the spices or add a little meat but these are pretty good without any additions. To save even more money we’ve learned how to make our own refried beans, but we’re not too proud to buy the canned stuff. We’ve also been buying corn tortillas but it turns out these are cheaper if you make them from scratch as well. I recently had the opportunity to help make pupusas from scratch, using corn flour, so I had a feeling it was an easy recipe. Turns out, homemade tortillas are incredibly simple!

This is what we did:

Mix 1 1/2 cup of corn flour with water until doughy.

Shape into 2 inch wide balls. Preheat pan(s) on medium without oil.

Set ball inside two pieces of plastic wrap and flatten with board.

Carefully peel off of wrap and sit in pan. Toast both sides. Our mix made 9 small tortillas but this will vary.

To be honest, this was easier than making pancakes and who hasn’t made pancakes? It was also a wonderful cooking experience. Seth helped flatten and transfer the tortillas and I did the rest. It didn’t take long and we both enjoyed figuring it out. The end result made our simple meal feel like a gourmet special!


One Response to “Learning how to make corn tortillas”

  1. Tabatha Says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to make these for ages and never got around to looking it up. Now I really need to try this because I love Quesadillas.

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