Trimming The Water Bill

February 28, 2010

Water is pretty inexpensive in the U.S. If you live on well or spring water it’s even free! So why worry about the cost? The simple reason is that there is more to lose than money when water goes down the drain.

So how do you save water? The simple answer is to think about it. I’m always impressed with people who are spartan with their water. I knew a family from India that took a shower with a bucket to save run-off. It’s not easy to be that conservative. I know we could do better. This is why I wanted to share with you something we did that has made a huge impact with very little effort. We changed our showerhead and sink aerators. The cost was low with a quick return on our investment in savings. The change in output was only noticeable on our bill.

We replaced our extra wide rain and spa standard 2.5 gpm (gallon per minute) shower head with a Whedon Deluxe ultra low 1.5 gpm shower saver. I thought I was giving up an awesome shower but the new one turned out to be an improvement! The pressure is better for starters. It also sprays wide and fine so there aren’t any cold spots. If you want to turn the water off while you soap up, it has a push button that reduces flow to a trickle. I love a good shower so you know it’s got to be good for me to recommend it by name.

Now for the sink aerator. Ours is a 0.5 gpm low flow model we found online. I don’t recommend going lower. The new aerator was an adjustment. It takes a little longer to fill up the kettle but it also drastically saves water. Our old faucet was a standard 2.2 gpm aerator.

This is how we saved a ton of water for less than $20. In two months we made up the purchase from our water bill savings. Now the savings are ours to keep! All it took was unscrewing some faucets and screwing on the new ones. Changing our habits to conserve water has taken more effort but the faucets are already working hard.

Here’s a link for more tips on how to save water.


2 Responses to “Trimming The Water Bill”

  1. Frances Says:

    Oops! I was wrong about something and made some changes. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Cliona Says:

    I love this post! I heard a lady on the radio recently who’d converted her entire house to a rain-water only system. All the gutters ran into big underground tanks which then fed the showers, taps, toilets, everything. I thought that was an amazing idea. Especially here in Ireland where it barely stops raining even in Summer. :)

    (have you been to Small is Beautiful? It’s a list of small blogs. It’s cool. )

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