Washrags to Riches

March 10, 2010

One of the small changes we made recently was to stop purchasing paper towels. When we ran out, I bought a stack of washcloths for less money than we would have paid for a new batch of paper towels. We also cut up old ratty (or pink!) white T-shirts to supplement our stack. Ever since, we have been saving money, paper, and Seth from holey shirts! We use them for anything we would have used a paper towel for. They even serve as napkins. Our guests don’t seem to mind. I know they make cloth napkins for this purpose. We just haven’t found them necessary yet.

We also use handkerchiefs for their intended purposes. We keep a box of tissues around for when we get sick because there just aren’t enough hankies for that, but you get the picture.

We still use toilet paper. I’ve heard of people using “hygiene clothes” and I say “Great for them!” but it’s just not on my radar.

When we are finished with our washcloths, hankies, and kitchen towels, they go in the wash and our off-brand laundry soap does an excellent job of erasing the evidence. If the cloths get badly stained we have the option of bleaching them because they are white. I also do this when they get left sitting somewhere and umm…start growing things. Yes, yes, I know about bleach. If you don’t, I’ll be happy to scare your pants off some other time but for now I’ll just tell you to be careful. Use sparingly. Wear gloves. Vent your space. Rinse well.

So far our washcloths are holding up nicely but I can’t wait to replace them with hand knits. How adorable would that be? I’ll teach you how, but not today.

Photo by Scullerymade @ Etsy

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