Happy Easter!

April 3, 2010

We made Easter eggs this weekend! I think we will be making more as they are quickly disappearing! Anyway, it was really simple and brought back a lot of fond memories, so I wanted to share how we did it without having to buy anything special. We used glasses of various sizes, including wine glasses and beer pints, and filled them with water so they would cover our boiled eggs. Then we added food coloring until the dye was just a bit darker than desired. Next I poured some white vinegar into each glass. This was supposed to be 1 Tbsp. for each cup of water but measuring is really unnecessary. Then I gently added the eggs. The darker ones I left for 30 minutes. I also did some 10 minute colorings. Some eggs were doubled up in the dye and they turned out fine. I got creative with one and tried to make it purple, using blue and red. It turned brown! I discovered that the color rinsed off so I redyed it green. Afterwords, I let them all dry in a metal strainer. I gave this about 5 minutes and then I put them in a basket in the fridge. Somehow I managed not to make a mess with the dye or get it all over my fingers! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, considering how little I fussed over them! As you can see, they are festive but definitely not perfect.

What Easter traditions do you hope to recreate this year?


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