Discount Organic, Fair Trade, Local, Grass-fed, All Natural, and You Name It!

April 25, 2010

A friend of mine from work passed on a great find: a discount grocery store that specializes in organic, free range, local, and all natural foods. The store has been there for 2 years and I’m just now finding out about it, but that’s okay. I’m glad I mentioned something about organic food and was finally brought into the loop. Now I’m going to spread the word like wildfire because we all love saving money and eating healthier, right? The problem is this store only has locations in the Upstate of South Carolina, and the mountains of North Carolina. So for the rest of you, my advice is to get in the loop! I’ve found several stores like this through word of mouth. They were all a bit further than I’m willing to drive, but would have been great if I lived on the other side of town, or worked out that way. Now I’m discovering a little known discount grocer that is on my side of town! Thank you awesome co-worker!

Here’s an example of the savings you might find at a discount or “dented can” grocery store in your area:

  • Jim’s Organic Coffee, shade grown, fair trade: $3.99! Normally costs more than $9!
  • San Francisco Bay Coffee, grown responsibly and fairly traded: $3.99! Normally costs around $8.
  • Seventh Generation Tub and Tile cleaner (homemade doesn’t even come close to this cleaner’s scrub-free scum-busting power): Regularly priced over $4. We got it for $1.99!
  • A Taste of Thai Peanut Noodles (delicious and convenient travel food): Regularly priced around $2. We got it for 99¢!

The prices at this store were so good, it beat Walmart on many items, organic or not. Even the free range, grass-fed, local, organic meat was comparably priced to the Walmart commercial meat!

Here’s a link for the discount store, in NC and SC, called Amazing Savings.


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