This One’s For The Girls

May 22, 2010

Picture from The Keeper.

I’ve been doing some experimenting with alternative menstrual products. I’m not one to normally discuss such private things with the whole world, but if it weren’t for other divulging bloggers out there I would never have considered such an awesome switch.

Why is it so awesome? There is no waste! These products are easy to clean and reuse. There are also no worries about dioxin, or other chemicals that may be found in conventional products. I’m also saving money and resources. Let’s say I spent $4 a month on products before I made the switch. Now let’s say I spent $40 on an alternative product that will last 10 years. In 10 months I’ve already broke even. In ten years I’ve saved over $400. Not only that, I never have to run out to buy another box of tampons and hide them in my cart, or worry about running out while I am traveling. Less waste. Less money. Less worries. Sounds awesome to me!

In my experimenting I’ve had some clear winners and some runner’s up, but no absolute failures. My favorites are Lunapad’s Pantyliners. I recommend anything from Lunapads because their design, fabric choices, and durability have beat all major competitors in my book.  My next favorite product is the Lunette menstrual cup. Maybe this would be a good time to mention that I’ve dabbled in this change for years. Until I found a comparable replacement for tampons, I wasn’t ready to commit. Lunette was the right cup for me. The thing is, every woman is different so I wanted to provide a short list of alternatives out there for you to experiment yourself. I have also linked to a handy guide on menstrual cups if you are ready to take the plunge (or if you just want to learn more)!

I would love to answer any questions or concerns in the comments. Please share!


2 Responses to “This One’s For The Girls”

  1. Cliona Says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I had no idea there were so many alternatives out there. I’d heard of the Mooncup, and of sewing your own, but I really like the look of the Lunapads. If I ever have a baby I plan to use cloth diapers, so it’s only fair that I go the eco-friendly route too!

  2. Emily Says:

    Yea, I made my own. They are sooo comfortable. Funny enough, I did cut up some old cloth diapers my mom had.

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