Chapter 2:

August 16, 2010

I can’t wait any longer to tell you about all the exciting things that have happened since I’ve been gone! Thanks for hanging in there while we moved. The new place is adorable. I didn’t like it at first because I couldn’t see my homesteading dreams fitting into the small space. After all, it is an apartment. Now that we’ve gotten a few things started, like a container garden and an indoor compost, I’m seeing more and more possibilities and really falling in love with the neighborhood. Right outside my back door is a swimming pond with beaches, a slide, and a diving platform. Beyond that is a lake! With the atmosphere of a vacation home, I think we will have no trouble getting people to visit!

When I started this blog, we lived below the poverty line while my husband went to grad school and I worked at a clinic for kids with Autism. We always had plenty, while people around us really struggled to make ends meet. I wanted to share some of the ways we stretched our income, while also learning to be more eco-conscious, so that others could have a fighting chance while our economy crashed. I’m not the kind of person to give unsolicited advice, but I really wanted to share these things because I knew people were hurting and hungry. I figured the internet was a safe place to let it all out. I’m not sure if I accomplished anything with this blog other than working on my writing skills, but my goals are still the same. Even though our financial situation has changed we still believe in being good stewards of our resources. Most importantly we believe in being good stewards of the Earth and living sustainably. With a new home and a new beginning, we are taking our goals to new extremes. I hope you will join us in our trial and error, and share some of your own experiences too!

I’m really looking forward to the next few posts, so I hope you will bear with me through my excited ramblings about urban homesteading.

Thanks for joining us!


2 Responses to “Chapter 2:”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So glad you like your new home! You’ll be surprised how much you can do in an apartment.

    • Frances Says:

      Thanks! I find a lot of inspiration from you and your family. You have really made a small space seem more spacious and your beautiful family seems to have room to grow. This is something I’ve really thought about as we consider this place and children. Other people are even saying we could buy it and expand someday. Now I have another reason to save our pennies!

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