Making curtains without a sewing machine

August 18, 2010

We have a cat. I’m a little surprised I haven’t mentioned that before. We totally adore the fuzz-butt!

He fits right in, don’t you think? Well, we had one little problem. There wasn’t any place to tuck away his giant litter box. His Highness refuses to squat so he has to have an extra large throne. We finally decided to put it under the bathroom sink and remove a cabinet door for access. It wasn’t a great solution. Have a look:

My grand plan was to sew a curtain for the entry. It seemed like a great idea at the time. The thing is, my sewing machine and I don’t get along! I am quite talented at making enormous knots and jamming the innards! Here is a picture of my practice stitch:

So I threw up my hands and decided my sewing days are over (for now)! I still wanted a curtain though and I’d already cut and ironed the seams. Now what? I didn’t want to ask someone to finish my project for me. I was nearly done! So I decided I was going to tape it. I found some permanent double sided tape and went to work. Here is the final project:

Anyone had any luck making clothes this way?!

P.S. The urban homesteading posts are coming up. I had to make a curtain first!


4 Responses to “Making curtains without a sewing machine”

  1. Cliona Says:

    That curtain is gorgeous! (and so is your cat :)

  2. tabatha Says:

    that’s pretty awesome

  3. tabatha Says:

    yeah I read that article, it got pretty weird at the end where they were talking about uploading your brain to hard drives and stuff. also the people that gave up their apartments or whatever, are mooching off friends so they haven’t really made anything obsolete. I think it would be dangerous to ride around on a bike with 3000$ worth of electronics, I would never feel safe doing that.

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