ReStore: A Home Improvement Thrift Store

February 4, 2011

I have a problem: I love to cook! The more complicated the better. Batch cooking: my specialty. Canning: my hobby. I make a mess and leave a pile of dishes in my wake. This is compounded by the fact that we have a tiny kitchen and no dishwasher to speak of. Or I should say, we didn’t have a dishwasher! Maybe we are dreamers but we saw space for one. We asked the landlord if we could install one and he agreed.

A new dishwasher was not in our budget so Seth started shopping the ads for a used one in good condition. Many people remodel their homes and update their appliances to match the new decor. Brushed steel dishwashers are all the rage and the white or black models are out. Many people looking to update their dishwasher will advertise the old one on Craigslist or donate it. One of the places these gently used appliances end up is in a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This is where we got lucky. Seth found a Kenmore elite in excellent condition for $30. The big question was, “Does it work?” The sales person assured him that he could return it for store credit if he wasn’t satisfied.

The tricky part was the installation. Our apartment was not wired for a dishwasher so our landlord helped Seth hardwire it into the circuit breaker. The plumbing was pretty straightforward though. It took two evenings and the installation was complete!

I was away taking care of my grandmother all week. I came home to the most delightful surprise! Now I can be a good hostess and visit more with my guests. No more hiding dishes in the oven either! I can keep the sink from piling up and cook to my hearts content!

Back to my point: The ReStore is a great find. They sell used and surplus building materials to help the environment and raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Need a new carpet? Sink? Washer and dryer? How about cabinets? Patio furniture? A dining set? If your nearest ReStore is a few hours away, maybe it’s worth the carpool. Get a truck and a few friends and support Habitat for Humanity!

Click here to find your nearest ReStore.

What are your favorite thrift store finds? We’re you able to find a ReStore near you? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


3 Responses to “ReStore: A Home Improvement Thrift Store”

  1. Judy Hurst Says:

    WOW! How awesome is that! I have another friend who loves to cook too, she is great about cleaning up in her wake of mess, but does own a dishwasher. To conserve energy costs she does not use it for dishwashing but for all the ‘tupperware’ type storage containers for any leftovers. Not that there is much.

    • Frances Says:

      Thanks for your comment! I can’t imagine having a dishwasher and not using it! I’m doing a little jig every time I put a dish in it that I don’t have to wash! I unloaded it last night and it’s already full so that’s a lot of dancing! I’ve also read that they conserve more water than handwashing, but I guess that all depends on how you use the machine or sink wash.

  2. Dave Says:

    Very cool! Way to go Seth! Keep jiggin. . .

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