November 10, 2011

I am married to a wonderful man and feel very blessed to have a home filled with love. We have been together a little over 6 years, and for most of our marriage we have been living the college life. This is the first year of our lives as real adults, it would seem, as now we are expecting a child and Seth has started his career in environmental consulting! We also just bought a house!

We are Mennonite. My husband was raised in the Mennonite faith and I was introduced to the modern church when we met. There are no bonnets or dress codes in our church. We value modesty, community, and peaceful living the same as the old church but feel we can be followers of Christ within society rather than apart from it.

I’m looking forward to our baby coming in February and starting our first large scale vegetable garden in the spring. If this year allows for it, I will begin working on my Master’s this fall. I want to continue my career with special needs children. I love to cook and collect new recipes. I also enjoy learning new ways to live sustainably and stay organized and on top of this homemaking bit (because I’m so not!). I like to write and share things I love so this is my little space to do that.

The name for this blog comes from the More with Less books written by Doris Janzen Longacre. These books have taught me what it means to be Mennonite and tread lightly on God’s green earth. The More with Less cookbook showcases stories and real food recipes to help people trying to live sustainably on a tight budget. The Living More with Less book is an encyclopedia of tips from the Mennonite community for going green and saving money. These lessons and recipes continue to shape our lives in new and profound ways. We are by no means examples. We are students. We invite everyone to join our study group and share your notes!


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