March 8, 2011

There is a blanket of fear spreading over our world. It is turning people against each other in violence, injustice, and hate. You may say that this is nothing new but I feel it growing, infecting my country, my community, my friends. I have taken to crying when I read the news and political blogs; and then I pray.

Maybe you have felt it too.

Lent begins tomorrow. It continues for 46 days, until Saturday, April 23rd. The 6 Sundays are for the celebration of the Lord’s day, making Lent a season of 40 days. Lent can be observed in so many ways. In the past I have enjoyed approaching it like New Year’s for the soul. I like setting goals for my spiritual growth and aspiring to change for the better. Another approach to lent is to pray, fast, and give alms (charity). Given the current climate of fear and hostility growing around us, I think this is the perfect time for a season of petition and spiritual growth.

I lack the expertise to share with you the connection between prayer, fasting, and alms giving, but I have found the following links to be very helpful.

What is the connection between prayer and fasting?
What does the Old Testament say about fasting in vain?
What does the New Testament say about fasting?
Why do we care about the poor?

Want to read what other bloggers are saying about Lent? Feel free to link up in the comments.

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Spring Links

March 21, 2010

We are having a great weekend with company so I’m going to leave you with some more of my favorite links:

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And the absolute must subscribe and dig through archives:

The Pioneer Woman

All the links are great though. Happy Spring everyone!

Sharing Links

March 4, 2010

Here are some blogs I enjoy reading:

The One Dollar Diet Project: For a month they ate on a dollar a day. This is a helpful look at food economy. I linked to the beginning.

Heavenly Homemakers: a wholesome blog. She cooks everything from scratch, batch cooks and freezes, gardens and cans, homeschools, and more. She also shares some loving reminders about marriage and faith.

Small Notebook: everyone has adorable children but man! This whole family is adorable. Look around her site for great posts on simple living and keeping it real.

A Low Impact Woodland Home: a.k.a my dream house. I love this little hobbit home and they built it with their own hands for less than $5000 (£3000).

And this is for fun: